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#136 Wow, there's a plot?
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Looking Back:
This is where the mew hunt from a little while back ties into Brendan and May's adventures. In retrospect, it might have been better not to stick mew partially under some grass, since I had a few people e-mail me asking what it was. Having Brendan get mew was my plan from the beginning of the comic. Most importantly, it's part of the story I have planned to change things up a bit from the games. The specific reason for using mew, as opposed to some other legendary (aside from a couple of plot details that'll be revealed later on) is that mew is my favorite legendary. My brother and I won a copy of it in a Toys R Us giveaway back when we were first playing Pokémon Red and Blue, and it quickly became a member of my regular party. In fact, it's the only legendary that I've used for more than a few battles here and there. Though not as overpowered as some legendries, it's extremely versatile, making it a lot of fun to play around with, as you'll see later in the comic...

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