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#1 Moving Truck Blues
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Looking Back:
Ah, the first strip. That sure takes me back. Anyway, back to the beginning... Ever since my friend Jesse showed me 8-Bit Theater I've been a big fan of sprite comics. But I also had a nagging feeling in the back of my head "I could do something like this". For a while I didn't do anything about it but, come spring 2003, I had a huge summer break coming up and a brand new set of Adobe software on order so I decided that would be the summer I started my own sprite comic. The first problem was choosing which game to use. I didn't want to do yet another Mega Man or Final Fantasy comic, I wanted something that hadn't been done before. I considered several games including The Legend of Zelda, Star Tropics, and Pokémon. Pokémon stuck out since I loved the games and they were way more popular than stuff like Star Tropics but the sprites in Red/Blue and Gold/Silver just wouldn't cut it. I'd need higher quality sprites and sprites of all the different pokémon, not just the pokédex portraits, so I moved on to other games. Then I went on a trip to AZ with my dad. I needed something to do during the car ride so I picked up Pokémon Ruby. A few hours into it I knew that it was the game. The sprites were perfect. I was decided. After beating the game and planning out some rough outlines for the plot and jokes, I started to practice making sprite comics (the tutorials on Bob and George helped a lot), began to work on the site design, and ripped a whole lot of sprites to start my sprite sheet collection. The first five Pebble Version strips were made early on as a test. I showed them off to various people to get opinions, which were pretty positive, so after finishing up the site and a few more comics it was time to start...

This strip itself, while an ok start, certainly isn't one of my better ones. Thinking back, I needed to start out with Brendan in the moving truck and I needed to explain what he was doing there. Easy enough. But then I needed a joke. So what would be worse than being stuck in the back of a moving truck? Having to listen to country music while you're there. No offense to any country fans out there but it's a sorta love it or hate it genre and I can't stand it and neither can most of my friends. Fortunately, my comic skills have improved a lot since this strip.

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