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My Favorite Web Comics (in no particular order)
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The first sprite comic I ever saw and still a favorite.  Now completed.
The original Mega Man comic and one of the first sprite comics. Now completed.
A sequal of sorts to the old Captain N show.  PG-13
A hillarious RPG spoof comic. A must for RPG fans.  Now completed.
Home of A Modest Destiny and several other awesome comics. Updates sporadically.
An excellent animated and totally original sprite comic. Now completed.
A great MMO parody comic.
An interesting monster catching comic.
A well written sometimes funny sometimes serious fantasy comic.
An amusing comic about the seven not so deadly sins.
Humor and adventure collide in a steampunk world.
One of the longest running comics on the internet.  You never know what will happen next.
Goblins, a D&D based comic.  Can be extremely violent at times.
A young man with amnesia joins with a cat girl to find his lost past.  PG-13 for adult content.
Hillarious if you're a computer geek, still amusing if you're not. One of the best web mangas out there. A cute comic about a young girl and her imaginary friend.  On indefinite hiatus. The current site of the creator of Mushroom Kingdom Hearts. Stuff of Legend, an original hand drawn Pokemon comic. The funniest random game humor comic I've ever seen.
 A funny RPG spoof comic.  Now finished, though incomplete.
A hillarious comic focusing on Nintendo characters. A cute comic about a girl and her racoon. All the manliest video game characters hang out and do stuff.
This comic dungeon crawl may be based on D&D but there's plenty to like even for non-roleplayers. A comic fantasy adventure that parodies everything from MMOs to fantasy novels.   Hard to describe, but amusing.
Ozy and Millie
A comic about growing up, philosophy, and amusing situations. Now complete.

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