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Welcome to the Extras page where I stick stuff that doesn't fit on any of the other pages.

How To Guides
Want to learn how to make your own sprite comic, teach in Japan, or whatever else I feel like writing about? Find out how in these indepth guides.

Ink - Creating a Game Design
Learn about what goes into a game design by reading this design document / developer's diary for Ink, one of my many game ideas.

Other Comics & Movies I've Done

Once in a while I make a Flash movies, guest comics, and non Pebble Version related comics. Here are some of them.
Pebble Version Karaoke Flash Movie
8-Bit I Choose You! Guest comic for 8-Bit Theater.
Josiah vs. Jeff Guest comic for ROM.

Timmy Tonka and the Pebble Version Factory
A bonus series showing offering a rare and totally (in)accurate look at how Pebble Version strips are made.

The Legend of Zelda A Dink in the Past
These are full page comics based on The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past. They used to be a donation bonus.

Realm of Monsters The Novel
This is a novel I'm writing based on the ROM RP from the Pebble Version forums. If you don't know about ROM, it's about a group of gamers who get sucked into a monster training game. But this is no ordinary game. Getting back to the real world won't be easy.
ROM The Novel

Essays & Research Papers
While I usually just write fantasy and sci-fi stories I also write essays and the like from time to time. I put some of the ones I'm particularily pleased with here. Note however that the conversion to html has a tendency to screw with the formatting so I'm sorry if you find something or other that looks a little strange.
Do Modern Stories Need Interactivity? A Comparison of Storytelling Methods in Media
Norse Mythology and Its Influence in Art
Pitfalls on the Road to Publication & How They can be Filled

That Soap Opera
The full name is That Soap Opera That I Mentioned a While Ago in the Revenge of the Son of Saying Hi to Josiah Topic That has an Unnecessarily Long Name and Needs a New One. It's a comic by Silver, based on the goings on over at the Pebble Version Forums.

Pebble Version Guest Comics
Here are guest comics other people have done for Pebble Version.

Pebble Version Fan Art
This is where I put Pebble Version related artwork sent in by fans.

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