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The Trainers
Skills: Pokémon Training and Battling (sort of), Sarcasm
Likes: Adventures, Getting Away From Home
Dislikes: His Parents, Rules
Current Team: Combusken, Pelipper, Linoone, Mew, Sandslash, Sableye
Bio: Brendan's family just moved to Hoenn from Johto, despite his objections. His father, Norman, is the new leader of the Petalburg Pokémon gym and spends most of his time there instead of at his family's home in Littleroot Town. Ignored by both of his parents, Brendan used to spend most of his time with his friends. Sick of staying at home with his mother, he's at a loss for what to do until he accidently saves his new neighbor, Professor Birch, and is given a pokémon of his own. Deciding he has nothing better to do, he sets off with May on a pokémon journey. Will he ever become a pokémon master? Will he ever defeat the sinister plots of the mysterious Teams Aqua and Magma? Will his mother ever pay attention to him? On second thought, we all know the answer to that last one...

Skills: Pokémon Research and Battles, Puzzle Solving
Likes: Everything Pokémon!!!, Filling Her Pokédex, Challenging Pokémon Gyms
Dislikes: Evil Organizations, Taking the Easy Way Out, Losing, Her Cousin
Current Team: Marshtomp, Loudred, Lairon, Kirlia, Altaria, Gloom
Bio: As the daughter of esteemed pokémon researcher Professor Birch, May took an interest in pokémon at an early age and spent a considerable portion of her time helping her father with his various projects. When her dad sends her out to fulfill his dream of gathering data on all of the world's pokémon she is only too eager to agree. Although she doesn't mind having Brendan along for the ride, she is often irritated by his, 'let's just hurry and get this over with' attitude. After all, the journey is just as important as the destination right? Right?

Skills: Pokémon Battling (at least he thinks so), Acting Cool, Being a General Pain in the Neck, Getting Lost
Likes: Winning Pokémon Battles, Looking Cool, Cali, Beating Others, Dissing May
Dislikes: Losing, People Who Don't Think He's Cool, Brendan and May
Current Team: Treecko, Poochyena, Makuhita
Bio: Xain is May's ultra annoying cousin. Although he's new to pokémon, he already considers himself an up and coming trainer. He also considers himself the coolest guy around and loves to show up May, or anyone else. After getting a pokédex he becomes determined to complete it and defeat the elite four before Brendan and May. He travels with his girlfriend Cali and isn't past lying, stealing, and cheating to get what he wants. Unfortunately(?) his plans are often messed up by his incredibly poor sense of direction and he seems to spend a lot of his time lost in one place or another.

Skills: Fashion, Put Downs, Looking Good
Likes: Cool Clothes, Cute Fashionable Pokémon, Acting Like a Snob, Xain
Dislikes: People Without a Fashion Sense, Anything Out of Style, Brendan and May, Bug Pokémon, Xain's Sense of Direction
Current Team: Electrike, Beautifly, Ralts
Bio: Xain's girlfriend is a rich snob who cares more about her appearance than just about anything else. She can't stand Brendan and May's "horribly outdated clothing" and even when traveling she is sure to always look her best. Strangely enough, her dream is to create the world's most fashionable pokémon team.

Skills: Pokémon Training
Likes: Pokémon, Friends, Brendan and May
Dislikes: Being Alone
Current Team: Ralts
Bio: Wally is a shy boy who's never had a close friend. Due to health problems, his parents are sending him to stay with relatives in Verdanturf Town. Not wanting to be lonely, he catches his first pokémon with the help of Brendan and May and decides to become a great trainer like them. Can this young boy rise up and eventually defeat even his heroes? Nah, but you know he'll try.

Steven Stone
Skills: Pokémon Training and Battling, Pokémon Research
Likes: Steel Pokémon, Traveling, Collecting Rare Stones, Fighting Evil
Dislikes: Evil Organizations, Staying Home
Current Team: ???
Bio: The son of the president of Devon Corp, Steven never has to worry about money and is free to pursue his hobbies of pokémon training and collecting rare stones. Because of these hobbies, he travels frequently and can be quite hard to track down at times. Although few know for certain just how powerful of a trainer he is, rumors say he's ranked very high in the Pokémon League. It's also said that he has a strong sense of justice and despises people who use pokémon for evil purposes. He has a tendency to state the obvious although he rarely sees it that way, thinking his observational and deductional skills are quite impressive.

The Parents
Brendan's Mom
Skills: Losing at Video Games, Ignoring People
Likes: Video Games
Dislikes: Being Interrupted When Playing Video Games
Bio: While she may have once been a caring mother (that matter is currently under debate), Brendan's mother now spends nearly all her time playing the video games she supposedly bought for her son. Overall she is mostly oblivious to anything but the TV screen and pays very little attention to Brendan. Her favorite games is Super Smash Brothers Melee, although she usually loses even the easiest fights. As for her real name? That's a mystery.

Skills: Pokémon Battles, Item Usage, Forgetting Names
Likes: Strong Pokémon, Looking Important
Dislikes: Weak Trainers, Losing
Bio: Brendan's father moved his family to Hoenn to become the new leader of the Petalburg City Pokémon Gym. He's so into his work that he spends most of his time at the gym and rarely goes home. He loves winning and considers himself a top trainer. His mastery of normal type pokémon and items is second to none. Norman is also very vain and has a horrible memory, especially when it comes to names. For reasons unknown, he is also a good friend of Professor Birch.

May's Mom
Skills: House Keeping, Sewing
Likes: Cleaning, Watching Soap Operas, Knitting Her Own Clothes
Dislikes: Dirt, Sitcoms, Anything Remotely Resembling an Adventure
Bio: Since her husband and daughter are always off working on some research project, Lauren spends her days cleaning the house and avidly following every soap she can find on TV. While she is normally a very kind and caring person, she becomes dead to the world during her afternoon soap block and never seems to remember what she says to other people during that time.

Professor Birch
Skills: Pokémon Research, Being a Wimp
Likes: Discovering New Things About Pokémon, Reading Boring Textbooks
Dislikes: Being Beaten to the Punch by Fellow Scientists, Anything Scary
Bio: Widely regarded as being one of the world's top three pokémon researchers, Birch is always trying for that one great discovery which will prove that he is the best of them all. With his daughter May handling most of the field work, he is content to spend the days in his lab analyzing subjects and data. His latest project, fill his new model pokédex with data on every known pokémon to surpass even the famous pokédex projects of the past which were headed by Professor Oak and Professor Elm. Aside being from a pokémon genius, Birch is also a first class wimp and is easily startled by just about anything.

The Gym Leaders
Skills: Pokémon Training, Studying
Likes: Rock Pokémon, The Trainers' School, Battling New Opponents
Dislikes: Any Pokémon Type That Has an Advantage Against Rock, Her Junior Trainers
Current Team: Geodude, Nosepass
Bio: The top student at the Rustboro trainers' school, Roxanne started the city's gym to put what she had learned to good use. Although she's one of the weaker gym leaders in the region, Roxanne is confident that she can rise quickly in the ranks. However, she has her fari share of trouble dealing with her incompetent junior trainers. Her pokémon of choice are rock types. Despite their many weaknesses, she is determined to show that, with the right training, they can stand against any type of pokémon.

Skills: Pokémon Training, Fighting
Likes: Pokémon Battles, Tough Opponents, Extreme Sports
Dislikes: Weak Opponents, Low Quality Sports Gear
Current Team: Machop, Makuhita
Bio: A dedicated sportsman, Brawly is always trying new sports and activities. The greater the challenge the greater the fun, at least in his opinion. His love of action led him to favor fighting type pokémon for their power and skill. Pokémon training is one of his newer hobbies but his bold fighting style and never quit attitude have helped him rise quickly in the Pokémon League ranks. There are many who think that, given a few more years, he may have a chance of joining Hoenn's Elite Four. Brawly, however, is quite happy running Dewford Island's gym where he can spend his off time surfing and spelunking.

Skills: Pokémon training, Electrical Wiring
Likes: Electric Pokémon, Creating Clever Electric Traps
Dislikes: Anything Non-Electronic, High Electric Bills
Current Team: Magnemite, Magneton, Voltorb
Bio: A longtime gym leader, Wattson is an all around jolly guy. He love his job, he loves his gym, and he loves everything to do with electricity. His favorite passtime, other than pokémon training, is remodeling his gym (and anything else he can get his hands on) to use even more electricity. Filling his gym with crazy electic traps and puzzles is a never ending project.

The Bad Guys
Skills: Creating Evil Plans
Likes: Land, Fire, Planning Ahead, Money, Power
Dislikes: Water, Team Aqua, Copycats, Physical Activity
Current Team: ???
Bio: The leader of Team Magma, Maxie likes to think of himself as a planner and a strategist. His master plan involves creating new land which he and Team Magma can control and sell. Because of his love for land, he is fond of magma and, by extention, fire type pokémon, making them the pokémon type of choice for Team Magma. However, had he known that the he'd face opposition from a team of water pokémon users, he probably would have created a Team Grass instead. Since he spends most of his time sitting around making plans, Maxie has grown rather lazy and out of shape, causing him to hate even remotely strenuous physical activities, especially climbing stairs.

Skills: Water Sports, Modifying Other People's Plans to Suit His Purposes
Likes: Water, Oceans, Constant Action
Dislikes: Land, Heavy Planning, Team Magma, Inactivity
Current Team: ???
Bio: Team Aqua's leader is always on the move. His love of the water and water sports of all types led him to create Team Aqua to fulfill his dream of expanding the world's oceans. Archie dislikes inactivity, perfering to be always up and about, and would rather take quick action than spend time planning ahead. When he needs a brilliant plan or strategy he'll simply steal one from someone else (usually Team Magma) and modify it to fit his own goals.

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