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8/29/2016 Not quite...

Class prep has been taking longer than I expected. Mainly because I forgot just how long it takes to setup an online test. They're super convenient, but entering all the questions and answers takes a long time. I did get all my tests finished, but it really slowed me down. At this point... I probably still have two or three hours of prep work left and, with classes starting today, that means I'm going to have to put off those travelogue entries yet again. Honestly, I'm getting annoyed by how many times I've pushed them back at this point. Definitely Wednesday though. I'll have the last of the class prep done later today and, once that's out of the way, my schedule will be a lot more open.


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8/26/2016 Unpacking

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Well, the movers did arrive on Wednesday, but the original arrival estimate of 9 - 10 AM got changed multiple times until, in the end, they arrived around 7:20 PM. It was pretty late by the time they finished getting everything off the truck and into the apartment. Late enough that Connie and decided to just let them leave at that point and deal with unwrapping and assembling the furniture ourselves. Not ideal, but we would have been dealing with a sleepless night and likely noise complaints if they'd done it then. We made pretty serious progress with the unpacking on Thursday. We're probably... 80 - 85% done. At least for now. At some point I want to get a few shelves so I can get some of my books, games, and DVDs out of their boxes. But that's a project that can wait for a week or two (or three).

Anyway though, after a full day spent unpacking and putting together furniture, it's late and I'm tired. I barely got today's strip done and, on top of all that, I still have somewhere between half a day and a full day of class prep left. So yeah, the travelogue will have to wait a little longer.

Have a good weekend!


8/24/2016 Almost ready...

I just finished two days of orientation meetings combined with more class prep work (which will likely continue until the end of the work). In more exciting news, the movers are supposed to arrive today. It'll be really nice to have a real bed again, and a couch, and a full set of kitchen stuff, and a whole lot of other things. Hopefully that all goes smoothly without any missing boxes, broken stuff, or anything.

Anyway, I'll hopefully get all of that sorted out and get a travelogue entry about Virginia up on Friday. If the unpacking is done, I may include some apartment pictures as well.

See you then!


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