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7/24/2017 Still tired...

Yeah... I'm not even going to try today, sorry. It's not really late yet, but I only just finished today's strip. I meant to get a bit of a backlog built up over the weekend, but I was too tired to get a lot done. I'm mostly ok during the day but at night, when I usually work on PV, all the late nights catch up to me and I have trouble actually accomplishing much. Hopefully things will improve this week. Then again, we're thinking of sleep training Zack this week (if not now, than in another couple of weeks). That would be great in the long run, but miserable in the short term.

Anyway, I'm going to try and catch up on some sleep. Later!


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7/21/2017 Late nights

Hershey was fun, though we got back pretty late. Sorry about the missed update, I don't expect that to happen again any time soon. I might do a travelogue entry for Hershey Park, though we were only there around half a day and I didn't get a lot of pictures so I may just wait until next time when I can do a more exhaustive one (as long as I stay in this area, I'll be going back sooner or later).

Either way, I'm not going to write much today. Zack stayed up pretty late again, which once again meant that I got a late start on the update and I need to get some sleep. It seems like the current version of his sleep cycle has him staying up until 11 or so. I really should try and change that...

Anyway, have a good weekend and I'll see you on Monday!


7/17/2017 Family visit

My parents and brother are arriving today, though it's going to be a kind of on and off visit, with them staying here a little, then going other places for a few days, and coming back. Tomorrow though, we're all planning a trip to Hershey Park, which should be a lot of fun. On that note, we might be getting back kind of late so there's a slight chance that I might miss Wednesday's update since I've been too busy to rebuild my comic buffer since returning to the US. But I'll do my best to avoid that.

Unfortunately though, I will have to put off that last Random China Comment or two. Zack didn't want to go to sleep last night and I had to keep him happy for quite a while, which meant getting a very late start on my Pebble Version work.



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