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1/28/2015 Weather

Here's a little RHC.

Random Hawaii Comment: The Weather
I sort of figured this out while vacationing in the past, but living here has really confirmed it. The weather here on Oahu is rather unpredictable. First off, never look very far ahead in the weather forecast. It changes frequently, making any forecast more than a couple of days ahead highly unreliable. Even that can be iffy, I've seen a forecast change completely overnight. And when you know the forecast, you have to keep in mind that the weather can and often will completely change (going from sun to rain, or vice versa) over the course of a day (hourly forecasts help a bit). And, even if the chances of rain are low, it may still rain a little. Really, there's never any day when you can be absolutely sure it won't rain. It's also important to note that, despite being a relatively small island, the weather varies considerably from area to area. So just because the weather is good (or bad) whereever you are doesn't necessarily mean it'll be that way elsewhere. The diverse climates and rapidly changing weather helps make Oahu a vibrant and diverse island...but it also makes it a real pain to plan outdoor activities sometimes.


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1/26/2015 The "joys" of home ownership

Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of great things about owning a home. My own yard, more privacy, the ability to customize things... But there are also disadvantages. Having to fix anything that's broken, for example (like all the trouble I had with that water filter a few months back). And paying property tax. I mean sure, it's nowhere near what rent costs...but seeing as I have both a mortgage and overly high monthly HOA fees, it's an expense I could live without. Oh well... High taxes are one of the costs of living in Hawaii. Along with high electric bills, high gas prices, high insurance costs, high grocery costs... Well, at least books and games cost the same here as on the mainland. And hey, maybe I'll get a big tax rebate this year (with how much of my salary is getting deducted for taxes each month, I certainly hope so).


1/23/2015 Another weekend

Wow, this week has gone by quickly. I haven't done anything particularly worth talking about since Sunday. Been focusing on work, chores, and projected related stuff mostly. Plus, Connie caught a cold so there's that. Anyway, I would talk about something but I've got an early meeting this morning (immediately followed by multiple other meetings) so I need to get to sleep and prepare.

See you Monday!


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