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9/19/2014 Done!

The weekly bonus comic is up so vote with the TWC button to see it!

My goal for next week? Start getting to sleep on time for a change. I've had way too many late nights over the past couple of weeks. One bit of news that will make that goal easier...I've finished unpacking and setting up my new house. Well, as much as I can until my last couple of deliveries arrive (still waiting on a couple furniture items and a vent kit for my dryer). But everything else is pretty much taken care of, aside from some errands, so things should calm down for a little while. Maybe I'll try and use a bit of that extra time to get caught up on restaurant reviews... Right now though, I could use some sleep.

Have a good weekend!


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9/17/2014 Hawaii 5-0

Let's get right to the travelogue.

September 13th (Saturday): Hawaii 5-0 Season Premiere
If you're not familiar with Hawaii 5-0 (pronounced five-oh) it's a cop show set on the island of Oahu (and a remake of an old show of the same name). While it's not one of my favorite TV shows, it's entertaining and it's fun seeing a lot of recognizable locations (they film most of it here on the island). Anyway, they have a tradition of premiering each season on Waikiki beach. Now that I live here, I had a chance to check out this year's festivities.
Something to keep in mind if you plan to attend... It gets really crowded. I brought a book and towel and got there in the early afternoon to grab a spot. At that point, there was still plenty of space left on the beach and I was able to get a pretty good location. Of course, it ended up being the hottest day all week with almost no breeze. Next time, I should get a beach umbrella.
They gave out a few t-shirts here and there, but not much happened until evening when the cast began to show up. They started out in a press tent then walked around the fence separating the VIP area from the rest of the beach, signing autographs and taking photos. Next year, I should also bring something to get signed. Nearly all the major actors were there, along with the mayor and some of the bigwigs from CBS. There were a few speeches and a hula troop before the episode eventually started (as a note, it doesn't premiere on TV until the 26th). Gotta say, they went all out, getting about as epic as you can get in a cop show. I could point out a couple logic problems in the plot, but it was an entertaining episode.
That actually wasn't the end of the event. They followed the episode with a short concert by Bush, a fairly famous band that I'd never heard of before (not saying much though, since I don't really keep up with modern music). It wasn't bad, but I'm not going to be buying a CD anytime soon either. And they finished with the premiere of a new CBS show called </scorpion>, which is about a group of super geniuses who work as trouble shooters for some government agency. Not a bad premise, but I can't say that any of the characters got my attention and, speaking as a tech guy, the plot of the first episode was utterly ridiculous.
Anyway, it was a fun night and, assuming they keep the tradition going, I plan to return next year.


9/15/2014 Fresh fish

They had a big premiere of the new Hawaii 5-0 season on Waikiki Beach Saturday night. It was pretty cool and I was planning to do a travelogue entry about it today, but I'm running pretty late (just moved into my new house yesterday) so it'll have to wait until Wednesday. In the meantime, here's one of the restaurant reviews I've been meaning to do.

Restaurant Review: Nico's Pier 38
Type: Seafood
Location: Pier 38
Nico's is half restaurant and half fish market right on the pier so, with fresh fish and an attractive setting, there's a lot going for it. Lunch is pretty casual with take-out boxes and a free for all when it comes to seating while dinner is more formal (though you can still order as take-out). They look to have a fairly nice bar too, though I'm not really the right person to comment on that
Regardless of which meal you go for, expect a crowd. Nico's is a popular place and rightly so. The service is quick and the food is good. The furikake ahi is pretty awesome all around and the fish and chips are good too. On the downside, the prices are a little high for the portion sizes (especially the aforementioned fish and chips). But overall Nico's is a fun place to eat and take advantage of the local seafood.


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