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2/12/2016 Nothing much to say

It's Friday so vote with the TWC button to see the new bonus comic!

This week has been a lot less busy than last week was, which is a relief, though that unresolved issue is rather draining and causing me a lot of extra work. Next week, things will probably ramp up a bit, though hopefully it won't be too crazy. I knew this semester was going to be busier than usual with the MFA and the upcoming wedding but ugh... This issue has made things a whole lot worse.

Anyway, I'm doing my best and that's all I can do right now. So, have a good weekend and I'll see you Monday.


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2/10/2016 A little fun

No updates on that situation. And I've been putting a good bit of time into preparing for if it doesn't improve. But I still have done a few fun things lately, so here's a quick travelogue entry.

February 7th (Sunday): The Windward Side
Some family friends were in town over the weekend so Connie and I met up with them and my parents. We started out with the Makapu'u Lighthouse trail, which I've previously written about. They did, however, recently clean up and repave the entire thing, making it a really smooth and easy hike that's appropriate for just about anyone. The lookout at the very top isn't quite finished yet, but there's still plenty of good views. We were even able to spot some whales in the distance. I got lucky and managed to snap a photo of one as it came out of the water. The zoom was a bit far out, but considering how hard the things are to photograph, especially from the shore, I'm pretty happy with it.
After a snack in Waimanalo (a small nearby town known for its produce), we made a stop at Bellows Beach. I hadn't been there before but it's really long and has some great sand (albeit with a lot of driftwood). The down side is that it borders an airforce base and they only open it to the public on weekends.
If you're wondering, yeah we did watch the Super Bowl after that (well, half watched thanks to DVR fast forwarding). It was a fun day and a nice break from all the other things I have going on right now.
Finally, while it's not really related, here's a video clip from last week's lion pole dance at Ala Moana Mall, in celebration of Chinese New Year. Like last year, it was pretty impressive.


2/8/2016 Good and bad

On the bright side, I had a nice and fairly relaxing time on Sunday hanging out with Connie, my parents, and some visiting friends. I've got a travelogue post in the works (along with that lion dancing I mentioned last time), but didn't quite have time to finish it today so expect it on Wednesday.

On the down side, things are not going well with that issue I've been dealing with. While it might still work out in the end, that's looking increasingly unlikely, which means a lot of extra work for me since I need to start preparing for if things completely fall through. Honestly, the whole thing is extremely annoying (to use PG language) and part of me wants to just rant about it, but this isn't the time or place. I might explain it here eventually, but not now. As I said before, it's not health related and, as aggravating and problematic and it could be, it's not disastrous, so don't worry too much.

That's it for now. See you Wednesday with the travelogue and, hopefully, some better news.


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