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8/1/2014 Making progress

The next Timmy Tonka strip is up! Just vote to see it.

Well, it looks like I've got a place to live (pending assorted final approval type things), though it'll probably be a month or so before I can move in. I'll talk more about it and show some pictures and all that when the time comes. But it's a really nice place and in a convenient location for work. A part of me does wish I could live in Honolulu, since I love being able to walk to shops, restaurants, and other attractions (like the beach) whenever I want, without having to drive everywhere. I've had that in the past, but only for very short periods of time, not at any of my main places of residence. Ah well, maybe someday... Besides, the commute from Honolulu to work could be problematic and a good place to live there would be way beyond my current budget. And, even if I do go into Honolulu a couple of times a week, it'll still be less driving than I was doing in Florida.

Have a good weekend!


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7/30/2014 House hunting

I've been in Hawaii for around a week now and I'm keeping busy. Right now, I'm mostly focused on finding a place to live. Staying with my parents is fine for now, but their place isn't especially large or close to my workplace, so it won't work forever. Unfortunately, prices here are high and both finding and getting a good place isn't easy. Aside from that, I've been getting back to work on Aurora's Nightmare and taking care of a few other tasks. So far, it's been a strange mix of busy and not so busy times and recovering from the past couple of months of traveling, moving, and the like.

Anyway, now that the Florida travelogue is finished, I'll likely start writing more about Hawaii in the not too distant future, though probably not for a little while yet.

See you Friday!


7/28/2014 A farewell to Florida

It's time for one last entry to wrap up my Florida travelogue series. At least for the foreseeable future.

A Farewell to Florida
With a new job in a new state, my time in Florida has come do an end. It's been around three years since I first moved there and, while there are some things I'll miss, I am kind of happy to leave. It'll be great to live near actual mountains and hiking trails again and I can hopefully cut down on the amount of driving I've had to do on a weekly basis. Anyway, let's start off with the things I'll miss.
Friends: This is an obvious enough one. While a lot of the friends I made during my time in Florida have actually moved away as well, I still have a number of friends in the Gainesville and Jacksonville areas from my synagogue and the UF Japan Club, and they'll be missed.
Favorite Restaurants: Overall, I'll have a much better selection of restaurants in Hawaii. That said, Alachua has a few great restaurants. I'm gonna miss Conestogas (a nice local burger place), Moe's (a really good burrito chain), and New York Pizza Plus (one of my favorite pizza places anywhere).
Theme Parks: While it would have been nice if I didn't have to drive quite so far to get to them, I had a lot of fun visiting all the theme parks and water parks. I'm gonna miss the rides, the shows, and all the awesome food (especially at Epcot).
And, well, that's about it. I never did get to see the final part of New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom and I never did get to drive around southern Florida like I wanted. But hey, that gives me reasons to go back. And I would like to return to Florida sometime, for a vacation at least. Probably either Orlando or further south. Actually, that pretty much sums up my thoughts on if I ever ended up living in Florida again. Honestly, it's not one of the top places on my list. But I think I'd enjoy living there a lot more if I was in Orlando (quick and easy access to all the big attractions) or in the far south (better weather and good beaches).
Still, it's been fun. Goodbye Florida, I don't know when, but I'm sure I'll be back eventually.


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