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7/29/2015 Another Wednesday

I tried a couple of new hikes for the first time yesterday. Got back home kind of late though (not due to the hiking, but other stuff) so I'm tired and haven't had time to go through my photos yet. But you can expect a write-up on Friday. In the meantime, I'm going to get some rest and take care of a few assorted tasks around the house.



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7/27/2015 Interesting weekend

Well, Friday and Saturday were kind of interesting. Sunday not so much (I spent most of the day working on things).

July 24th - 25th (Friday - Saturday): Events in Honolulu
This weekend marked the debut of Comic Con Honolulu (aka. Hokukon). It's actually one of several new cons that are starting this year to compliment Kawaii Kon (which I wrote about a while back). Regular comic cons generally don't interest me as much as anime conventions, but I figured I'd check it out. All in all, they did fairly good for a first year con but it was pretty small, with only two panel rooms, a small vendor area, a couple of game spaces, and an autograph room. I was originally thinking I might spend most of the weekend there but the panels that interested me the most were all at times I couldn't go and, over all, there just wasn't enough to hold my attention so I ended up just going for Friday. I could have always spent more time playing around in the video or table top game areas, but I had enough other stuff I wanted and needed to do that I decided not to. As for whether or not I'll go next year, it'll depend on who the guests are and how the other new cons stack up.
My other weekend activity, besides some beach time, was checking out the dragon boat races Saturday morning. While you see a lot of long kayaks on Honolulu's main canal, dragon boats are different. They're Chinese in origin and they have dragon head and tail designs. More practically though, they have two rows of rowers and a drummer to help them keep time (like the old ships used to have). There's also a person laying on the front whose job it is to grab a flag at the end of the race. Now this is what I thought the Dragon Boat Festival in China would have a lot of (I was wrong). Kinda interesting to watch, at least for a bit.


7/24/2015 Caught up!

Huh... Looks likes, while Wednesday's news post went up properly the comic did not. At least not on the main page, it did show up in the archives. Sigh... Well, click the Previous Comic link if you missed it.

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Well, the China travelogue is finished and here's that Hawaii travelogue entry I mentioned earlier in the week, getting me all caught up in that regard. I'm also more or less caught up on a variety of other things since getting back from China. Not that I don't still have more to do. But it's mostly just Aurora's Nightmare at this point up until classes start up in a few weeks. Mostly, got a couple of days of other kinds of work here and there. And some fun stuff too, like this weekend for example. But that's something to talk about next time...

July 19th (Sunday): The Honolulu Ukulele Festival
I assume most of you know what a ukulele is, right? If not, it's a Hawaiian instrument shaped like a guitar but much smaller and with only four strings. If you're ever heard Hawaiian music, you've no doubt heard a ukulele. Anyway, there's an annual ukulele festival at Kapiolani Park right past Waikiki. I had some stuff to do in the morning, but I met up with my parents there that afternoon for the last two or three hours. There were some booths selling food (and ukuleles), of course. But the main focus of the festival was the stage, where there was a constant stream of ukulele performances throughout the day. Some were single players, some were groups, some used other instruments as well, and some of the musicians were even from other countries. From the ones I saw, there were two standouts. The first was Willie K, who I wasn't previously familiar with (though he seemed kinda famous), and the second was Jake Shimabukuro, who I saw once before in Colorado years back. Jake is especially famous and known for doing a lot of music with the ukulele that you really wouldn't think it could possibly handle (classic rock, for example). They're both really impressive musicians, whether or not you're a ukulele fan. On that note, while I'm not sure I would have wanted to spend an entire day at the Ukulele Festival, it made for an enjoyable couple of hours.


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