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7/23/2014 A problematic trip

Well, I made it to Hawaii but it was far from a smooth trip. They canceled my flight out of Gainesville fairly last minute, without any sort of advance notification, requiring my entire itinerary to be rebooked. Sad thing is, there was more than enough time to drive to Orlando and catch my original flight if I'd had any way to do so. So I ended up waking up early for nothing and getting stranded in the Gainesville airport for several hours without anything to eat. Then, after running from gate to gate to make my next two connections I end up in Houston only to be told that they canceled my next flight. It eventually got reinstated, but with too much of a delay to make my following connection, so the second half of my itinerary got rebooked again. After that though, things went more smoothly and I made it to Hawaii., albeit several hours later than originally planned. But, not too surprisingly with all the mess with the airlines, they lost my suitcase..again. I hope this doesn't become the norm...

Anyway, I was going to write about Diagon Alley today but, after the day I've had, I'm pretty tired both mentally and physicality and don't think I could really do it justice so it'll have to wait for Friday.

See you then!


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7/21/2014 Last day in Florida

The new Diagon Alley area at Universal Studios is pretty awesome. I should have a travelogue entry for it ready for Wednesday. Although, by then I'll be updating from Hawaii. PV updates shouldn't be affect by my move, though updates will, on average, be happening about six hours later in the day than they do now due to the different time zone. Still, unless you like to read PV really early in the morning or really late at night, you probably won't notice.

Well, see you in Hawaii!


7/18/2014 Almost done

Remember those Timmy Tonka strips I owe you guys from a couple months back? Well, now that I'm back in the US and finished with the Japan travelogue, I'm working on them again. They'll be running as voter bonus comics for the next few weeks and the first is up now!

Well, my stuff has been packed and picked up for transport to Hawaii. My car was picked up too (though I got a rental to avoid being stuck in my apartment). At this point, I just need to pack the things I'm taking with me on the plane, get rid of my remaining furniture (one way or another), and a few other assorted tasks that need to wait until right before I move out. Come Tuesday, I'll be leaving Florida for good (well, I'm sure I'll be back for a vacation or something eventually). I'm planning one last fun trip this Sunday, so expect a travelogue entry for that on Monday or Wednesday and then a final goodbye entry to end my Florida travelogue series later in the week.

Not much else to say since I've mostly been focused on prepping for the move since getting back from Japan. I suppose I could talk about various world events, but I prefer to keep that kind of stuff separate from PV. Besides, it's too worrying/depressing/frustrating. For something more light hearted, head over to Weird Al's site and check his new music video series, there's some great stuff there.

See you Monday!


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