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10/9/2015 Getting late...

This week's bonus comic is up so just vote with the TWC button to see it!

I went on a nice hike yesterday with Connie, my mom, and some people from the hiking Meetup group I've done some things with before. I'll have some photos and a travelogue entry...but not today. I'm running really late and have a lot going on, so it'll have to wait until Monday. In the meantime, have a great weekend!


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10/7/2015 Family visits

The next week and a half or so should be interesting. My parents are returning to Hawaii today. Of course, they're here half the time, so that in itself isn't especially out of the ordinary. But then my brother and sister-in-law are coming in on Friday for a little over a week. It'll be their first time meeting Connie in-person, and we've got a lot of family outing stuff planned, including a weekend on another island. It's going to be busy (especially since I'm not on a vacation from work or anything), but should be a lot of fun.

I was thinking of doing a restaurant review or two today but I'm running a bit late so I think I'll save them for another day.



10/2/2015 October...

Vote with the TWC button to see the new bonus comic! As a note, there will be no update on Monday since it's the end of Sukkot. But that should be the last skipped update for a while.

Where has this year gone? There's still so much I want to get done before 2016 rolls around... Anyway, the one weekend event I didn't write about last time was the super blood moon Saturday night. The reason? I didn't really get to see it. Connie and I were planning to join up with some others for a night time hike to get some good views of the moon. Unfortunately, the weather had other ideas and thick clouds blanketed the sky pretty much all night. We did catch a couple glimpses of the super moon (when it wasn't red) but that was about it. It's too bad, but that's the way it goes sometimes. And we did get a really good look at last year's blood moon.

So what's happening this weekend? Well, nothing too special for a change. But maybe that's for the best, I've got some things I need to work on...



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