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6/24/2016 Another show ending

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It's outside of the regular season, by another one of my regular TV shows has drawn to a close. This time, it's Person of Interest. CBS kinda screwed it over when it came to this final season. Despite its popularity, they only ordered a half length season and, after months and months of waiting, stuck it in this weird early summer slot. Still, the writers went into the season knowing it was the end, so they were able to prepare a fitting final act. Anyway, it's a great show and I believe the previous seasons are on Netflix so I recommend checking it out if you want something new to watch.

In other news, there is no news yet on my job situation. There's a good chance I'll be moving to take a new job, but it's not 100% yet, so I can't really do much to prepare. Moving out of Hawaii, if I do, will be a real pain, especially on a tight schedule. Moving here was complicated as well, but I had my parents' condo to use as a stop gap while I find a place to live and got settled. And that's something I wouldn't have this time around. Anyway, I'll write more about that whole process if and when it happens.

See you Monday!


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6/22/2016 Lost

So, who remembers Lost? My family started watching it two or three seasons in. I picked up the first season DVD set out of curiosity and we quickly got hooked and binge watched it until we caught up. It was a great series and hugely influential. Without it, prime time TV here in the US would look a lot different. Anyway, Connie didn't see Lost back when it was on TV and it's been on my list of shows to introduce her to. We started a few days ago and are making steady progress through the first season. If you didn't know, Lost was filmed here on the island of Oahu. Coming back to Lost, after having spent two years here in Hawaii, I can pick out a lot of the places where they did the filming. Some are pretty well disguised. Others, such as the "Korean" building where Jin proposed to Sun, they were clearly banking on people not knowing any better (it's a replica of a Japanese temple, totally different architecture than real Korean buildings). But anyway, I've been enjoying rewatching Lost on its own merits and identifying the sets is proving to be a fun little addition.


6/20/2016 Summer...

Wow, it's already been more than a month since the start of my summer vacation. This summer seems to be going both very slow and very fast. A lot of that is due to the uncertain nature of what I'll be doing and where I'll be living come fall. There's a good chance I'll be moving pretty soon, which will involve lots of travel and a very hectic schedule. On the other hand, there's a chance I'll stay here, at least for a while longer. In which case Connie and I might actually get to do a little bit of leisure traveling, though that's not looking too likely. Sigh... Well, I can only hope that next year will be a lot less crazy and stressful than this one.

Anyway... Things are more relaxing now, though still extremely uncertain, so I'm enjoying the (probably) short break and taking the opportunity to get some things done. Mostly assorted projects and to-do list type stuff, along with my MFA work, though I might have to take an extended break from that soon, depending on how some other things turn out. Still playing Lego Dimensions too, though I've nearly done (three more adventure worlds to go), at least until the next wave of sets and expansions come out this fall. Actually, there's a lot of games I'm looking forward to this fall, though I probably won't have time for half of them.

Well, that's it for now. Assuming there are no big developments in the next couple of days, I'll find something else to write about on Wednesday, instead of my current (and rather frustrating) situation.



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