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3/23/2018 Snow day

TWC is still having problems, so here's this week's bonus comic.

Well, I still think that they probably didn't need to shut the university down on Wednesday, but we actually did end up getting at least several inches of snow, which was pretty surprising. It was the biggest snow I've seen since I lived in Colorado. But by mid-morning on Thursday most of it was already gone. Kind of winter's last stand I guess. At least I hope so. It was kind of fun having all the snow, but Zack is too little to really enjoy it (though I did take him out) and I'm ready for some warmer days.

Have a good weekend!


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3/21/2018 Cool down

Ok. Hopefully there won't be more missed updates any time soon.

Weather here has actually been kinda cool for a while, but it rained all day yesterday (with a bit of snow and slush mixed in) and it's supposed to snow all day today to. To the point where they actually shut down the university. I think they're probably being overly cautious there, but we'll see what happens. Anyway, it's not like I really get a break anyway. I may not have to go in and teach, but that just means I can spend more time grading, since I've got a huge stack (well, not literally since they're digital) of mid-term projects to work through.



3/19/2018 The second half

You can learn more about Aurora's Nightmare (the visual novel I'm writing and developing) at its official dev blog.

So why no PV strip today? Well, for one thing, I did want to tease Aurora's Nightmare a bit, since I've been working on it a lot lately and will hopefully be ready to launch a demo in the not too distant future. But also, while I'm feeling a lot better than I was on Friday, I took things easy over the weekend to help me recover, but didn't really get a chance to work on PV much as a result, so I'm still running behind on strips. And since I'm getting over a cold or something (even a mild one) and have a big day of work ahead, I didn't want to push things and stay up late last night to finish the strip. Really sorry for all the disruptions lately. I know it's not at all normal, and hopefully this type of thing won't happen again. If nothing else happens, PV should return on Wednesday.



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