the shleps

The Jewish people have been writing parodies for as long as music has been recorded. Some of the more well know artists have been Mickey Katz, Allan Sherman, and Lenny Solomon. The latest addition to this list is "the shleps". Using some of their favorite songs of the sixties (She Loves You, I Got You Babe, Love Potion #9, etc.) you will find these songs both hilarious and educational.

You will soon find yourself singing about pro Jewish values, Biblical patriarchs, as well as themes dealing with topics like Shabbat and kosher food. The album was recorded by some of Israel's best artists and you will be well pleased as to how much like the originals they sound. Styles range from rock and roll, to folk to Motown. You will receive many hours of laughs and listening pleasure.

1.It's Friday Sample
2.Hashem's Calendar
3.I fought the L-rd
4.Turn Back to G-d
5.Be A Jew Abe Sample
6.Eve of Moshiach
7.His Name's Haman
8.Joseph’s Dreams
9.Pepperoni on your Pizza Sample
11.Gimme Bagels
12.Sealed With A Bris
Moishe Pippik Productions